On Jul 7, 7:22 am, KingKong99 <k0818069...@gmail.com> wrote:
> very simple code
> li_date = "<li>hello</li>";
> $('log').innerHTML = li_date;
> it works very fine in all browsers but not in IE8 "Unknow runtime error"

You'll have to give people a bit more to go on than that. What kind of
element is "log", for instance?

"Unknown runtime error" is usually IE's way of saying you're trying to
do something odd with the DOM. For instance, what you're doing there
is setting the *entire content* of the "log" element (whatever that
is) to be an `li` element; the end result is that any content in "log"
is removed and it will have a single child, the `li` element. You can
only do that if "log" is an `ol` or a `ul`, since those are the only
things that can directly contain `li`.

I was surprised to find that IE was okay with it if "log" was a `div`
(it's invalid, but IE and other browsers apparently work around it),
but I was able to get IE to throw the error if I tried to do that when
"log" was an `li` or `p` element (and I'm sure it would with many
others). It works fine if "log" is a `ul`. Here's the test case:

So basically, I think the problem is that you're trying to put an `li`
inside something that can't have an `li` inside it.

T.J. Crowder
Independent Software Engineer
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