I'll go for the last option ("recommend an idiom I can implement
myself that will avoid the weird cases").

It sounds like you're trying to make your page behave like a desktop
app.  Don't.

One (significant) reason is that by focusing on enter/leave, you're
automatically dropping support for mobile browsers.

Simply do a pushbutton toggle instead. If there's a click, open it up.
If a second click not in the popup, hide. This can still fail in
mobile, depending on how it's implemented. (sometimes a popup is on
the page, but not on he screen, and scrolling/resizing to find it
closes it. Infuriating.)

Even better: find a way to expose the information without a popup,
such as a slide down reveal or cover flow or some such. (Without
knowing your context, it's hard to make good recommendations.)

Bottom line: stay away from enter/leave unless you really, really need
to. It's not a technical answer, but I hope it is a practical one.


On Jul 11, 2:45 pm, Shane McCarron <halindr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a menu of operations (shown as icons) that I want to reveal when the
> user move their mouse over a region.  Prototype's event handling +
> scriptaculous gives me great ways to do this.  However, I want to menu (a
> floating div) to disappear when:
>    1. Some time has elapsed and the user never moved into the menu.
>    2. The user moves into the menu and then moves out of it.
>    3. The user selects an item in the menu.
> These all seem pretty easy to accomplish, but I keep running into weird edge
> conditions.  Like if the user exposes the menu, moves the cursor into the
> menu, and then minimizes all the windows on the screen (Windows-D), then
> reveals the browser window... in my implementation the menu is still down
> even though it no longer has focus!
> It occurs to me that this is most likely a solved problem.  Probably solved
> over and over and over.  So... can anyone recommend a simple solution that
> will just handle all these edge conditions for me?  Or recommend an idiom I
> can implement myself that will avoid the weird cases?
> Thanks!
> --
> Shane McCarron
> halindr...@gmail.com

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