I have gone through the code and i cannot figure out why the zIndex
property is not being recognized.

Here is the copy of the script from scriptaculous

String.prototype.parseStyle = function(){
  var style, styleRules = $H();
  if (Prototype.Browser.WebKit)
    style = new Element('div',{style:this}).style;
  else {
    String.__parseStyleElement.innerHTML = '<div style=" ' + this +
    style = String.__parseStyleElement.childNodes[0].style;
    alert(this); // This shows the style string


    alert('Propery =  '+property+' And style value =
    if (style[property]) styleRules.set(property, style[property]);

  if (Prototype.Browser.IE && this.include('opacity'))
    styleRules.set('opacity', this.match(/opacity:\s*((?:0|1)?(?:\.

  return styleRules;

when I do an alert on "this" it shows my new width, height and zIndex
of my element but in the each loop when i alert it, the zIndex does
not have a property. It is getting lost somewhere in the script. The
following script is where i'm calling the morph.

if ( $event[$day] != '' )
        $showIt = ' onMouseOver="new Effect.Morph(this, {style:\'zIndex:
100;\', duration: 0.3});" onMouseOut="new Effect.Morph(this,{style:
\'zIndex: 1; width: 104px; height: 95px; top: 0;\', duration:
        $showEvent = '<div class="event"'.$showIt.'>'.$func-
        $showEventColor = ' eventColor';

The reason i need to change the z-index of the element is that the
text from the next box is showing through my div element. so i need to
keep it hidden behind my current div.

You can check out what i'm working on at 
when you mouseover one of the days that has an event it is supposed to
morph to a larger div which it does... but the day next to it shows
it's text through my enlarged div... I hope someone can follow what
i'm saying...

Now if someone has a better way of doing this i would greatly
appreciate pointing me in the proper direction

Thanks for your time
Chris Cavalier

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