I'm trying to get a project I'm working on IE7-proof and I'm running into 
errors right from the start. The project is almost finished so I'm already 
including a lot of scripts and already have a lot of markup. When I load my 
page I get the error

Object doesn't support this property or method. prototype.js line 291 
character 7

...and lot's of others, but this one occurs in prototype.js pretty much is 
the basis for everything else. All scripts depend on one call in a 
"dom:loaded"-observer to be exectuted. I commented that line out so nothing 
get's executed but I still get the error in prototype.js. And I have no idea 
where to start. Fermion in the IRC-channel told my prototype doesn't work in 
quirksmode in IE7. I'm using XHTML 1.0 Transitional and I get 
validation-errors because I use custom attributes in some tags. But I 
created a file that uses Prototype and has custom attributes for testing 
pruposes and that page works well.

If someone has an idea or a tip it's very appreciated.

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

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