>From your description, I'm not sure what the issue is.

A clearer description might help. First, describe what you're
expecting to happen (I'm not clear on this), then explain what is
occurring and emphasize how the two are different (I'm not clear on
this part either).

Lastly, it always speeds helpers along if you can post a mock-up too.
For complex problems, particularly with draggables, trying to debug
without seeing source code is like calling NPR's "Car Talk." It's
sometimes entertaining, but it doesn't get the car fixed.


On Aug 28, 7:01 pm, kstubs <kst...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a draggable item, which drags great!  However, there is a problem
> when I don't drag the item and click the close button, the item is destroyed
> but than regenerates itself.  The layer that is draggable is created on the
> fly, when the user makes a certain selection.  The user then clicks an image
> of an X to hide the layer.  And then as described, the layer is removed then
> regenerated if this layer has not been dragged.
> Karl..

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