IE 9 makes major changes to the event system. We had to rewrite the
event code in 1.7 to support it. You can either (a) upgrade to 1.7;
(b) force your site into compatibility mode [1].

I highly recommend option A. If it's not a seamless upgrade, option B
is there as a last resort.



On Oct 15, 10:10 am, Luke <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to make my site compatible with IE9 and there's already
> a major problem. I'm using Prototype 1.6.1 and it seems events won't be
> stopped with Event.stop anymore in IE9. I've read on Stackoverflow [1]
> Prototype 1.7 fixes that problem but I'm not sure if I should update.
> Deadline's coming soon and I don't know how much of a problem updating
> Prototype will be.
> So here's my question: Is there a way to stop events in IE9 with Prototype
> 1.6.1
> or
> would you recommend upgrading to Prototype 1.7? Would you say there are some
> things that could be problematic?
> Thank you,
> Lukas
> [1]

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