maybe some one could point me in the right direction.

I use this code to extract the values from a table and if the table entry is blank it removes the tr element. The first time thru it works great. Updates the db and returns all to normal.
The next time I get this error

Thanks again.

$A is not a function
 var expression = $A(arguments).join(', ');
prototype.js (line 3920

Here is the code
updateRecords:function() {

var fp1 =$$('input.formData');
var  pa = new Array;
fp1.each(function(element) { // reads the table data // it fails here
        if (element.value  == " " | element.value  == ""){
            $A = element.ancestors();   // goes back and gets the tags
            var  rm = $A[1];   // removes the tr tag

} else pa.push(element.value); // otherwise sets if up for a db update


    arrayNamey = new Object;
   arrayNamey.name_division_groups = this.div_id;
   arrayNamey.passArray = pa;

Marty Amberg

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