On Dec 27, 2:35 pm, Aaron J Spetner <aaron.spet...@spetnik.com> wrote:
> Is the `update()` method intended to work on <td> elements? Every time
> I try I get an 'INVALID_STATE_ERR'.
> Thanks

Yes, Element#update works just fine on `td` elements. Example:

It even works when you use it to add/remove table cells, because
Prototype does some under-the-covers stuff to make that work even on
browsers which are a bit difficult about manipulating tables in that
way. (But if you do things like replacing multiple table cells in a
row with just one table cell without using `colspan`, results will
still vary across browsers -- ex http://jsbin.com/aqehax/3 -- but
that's no great surprise, and using colspan -- ex http://jsbin.com/aqehax/4
-- works.)

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