As part of scriptaculous' unit test:

        testAnonSubclass: function() {
          var C1 = Class.create({
            method1: function() {
              return "C1";
          }), C2 = Class.create(C1, {
            method2: function() {
              return "C2";
            createSubclass: function() {
              return Class.create(this.constructor, {
                method3: function() {
                  return "subclass";
          var o2 = new C2(), C3 = o2.createSubclass(), o3 = new C3();
          this.assertInstanceOf(C1, o2, "o2 instanceOf C1");
          this.assertInstanceOf(C2, o2, "o2 instanceOf C2");
          this.assertInstanceOf(C1, o3, "o3 instanceOf C1");
          this.assertInstanceOf(C2, o3, "o3 instanceOf C2");
          this.assert(Object.isFunction(o3.method1), "o3.method1");
          this.assert(Object.isFunction(o3.method2), "o3.method2");
          this.assert(Object.isFunction(o3.method3), "o3.method3");

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