lallo, can you elaborate on what you 'want' to do?

On 3/8/12 5:59 PM, lalov1 wrote:
I'm doing a hack and the link is showing up in the title attribute.

Here is my code which only removes the "</a>", but I need to remove
the opening href as well.
//Remove Title

for (var i = 0; i<  titleLinks.length; i++) {
       var element = $(titleLinks[i]);
       if (element.hasAttribute('title')) {
           var tempTitle = element.readAttribute('title');
           tempTitle = tempTitle.gsub('</a>','');
           element.setAttribute('title', tempTitle);
       } else {
           element.setAttribute('title', '');

On Mar 8, 1:03 pm, blechler<>  wrote:
Hi Lallo,

I'm not sure that I entirely understand what you are attempting to
accomplish and how removing the title attribute is working for you.
When I go to the provided page and attempt to inspect it, I see a lot
of title attributes being rapidly added and removed from the div
containing the calendar item.

Nevertheless, let's say you have the following:

<div class="ms-acal-item" id="foo">
   <div class="ms-acal-sdiv">
     7:00 pm<a href="/Communications/Events/Pages/eventdisplay.aspx?
EventID=2262">&#8203;Mayan Elder</a>

the following script will do what I think you want to accomplish:

function removeThatAnchor() {
   var innerDiv = $('foo').select('.ms-acal-sdiv')[0];
   var aToRemove ='a')[0];
   var aText = aToRemove.innerHTML;
   innerDiv.update(innerDiv.innerHTML + " " + aText);}



On Mar 7, 12:06 pm, lalov1<>  wrote:

Hello all,
I'm new to prototype and am trying to achieve the following. I have
the following title text "1:00 pm - 2:00 pm<a href="";>Link Goes 
I want to delete the "<a href="";>" and the"</
What is the best way to do this. Right now I'm using the
removeAttribute('title'); which works, but not like I want it to. Here
is a link to our 
Thank you,

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