On Apr 4, 8:49 am, "Brian Marquis" <br...@quotepro.com> wrote:
> This turned out to be a page loading/timing issue. The original poster 
> resolved it by switching from document.observe('dom:loaded"… to 
> Event.observe(window,'load'…

Yes, thanks very much to Brian for helping me resolve the garbled load
issue. That being said, I'd also appreciate any ideas anyone might
have as to why the Ajax.Updater loads are garbled on the iPhone (and
nowhere else) if I only wait for the DOM to load rather than the whole
page. I don't understand why the ajax loads need to have all the
images loaded to work - doesn't make any sense to me. Does dom:loaded
not trigger correctly on the iPhone or something?

 I'd also prefer. if possible, to go back to triggering the ajax loads
based on the DOM load so the user doesn't have to wait so long before
the page is ready. It's definitely a drag to degrade the overall
performance of the page to fix an iPhone only problem.

Thanks again to everyone who's offered advice.

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