@Walter Lee Davis,

Thanks for your demo I see it works but I can't get it working with the 
class selector. Class selector is a requirement since we cannot use ID or 
ClientID(id selector provided for javascript in asp.net) because of our 
current setup. 

I have gone back to my original and am trying to debug why 
this doesn't work: http://jsfiddle.net/VUPKx/3/ 


Error console did not show me any errors I was hoping error log would show 
a syntax issue the very least.

Thanks for your recommendations.

On Friday, 22 June 2012 18:32:32 UTC+1, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
> Sure. You can use the form itself for that: 
>         $('id_of_form').observe('submit', function(evt){ 
>                 //your code here 
>         }); 
> I'd seriously recommend a quick read of the entire API Docs site: 
> http://api.prototypejs.org/ -- it shouldn't take more than an hour -- 
> which will acquaint you with the basics and show you examples of each of 
> the methods. 
> Did you look at my example? That has a very succinct approach to busying 
> out a button, which you might want to try. 
> Walter 

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