You can do it in many ways:

1. Create an empty placeholder for hidden input (div at the bottom of your 
form). You can then easily replace content of this div and don't care about 
multiple inputs:

addElement: function () {
    $("totalsContainer").update('<input type="hidden" id="finaltons" 
value="' + totaltotal + '"></input>');

2. Create this hidden input in your form on server (in other words, input 
should always exist), then just replace its value:

addElement: function () {

3. Combine both ways: check for existence of element (if not exists - then 
create it), then update its value:

addElement: function () {
    var input = $("finaltons");
    if (!input) {
      input = new Element({type: "hidden", id: "finaltons"});

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