Here's a little routine I use.  The server sends back some minimal JSON 
code that I extract from the iframe that the upload form was posted to.  
This is a condensed version.  If you need more of the code (html/js), let 
me know.

If there's a more prototype-y way to do 
"document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]", please let me know and I'll 
change my code.

var Uploader = Class.create({
    initialize: function(form, target, dir, mgr) {
        this.form = form; = target;  //iframe
        this.dir = dir;
        this.mgr = mgr;
        $(this.form).observe('submit', this.upload.bind(this));
        $('load', this.complete.bind(this));
    upload: function() {
        // clear iFrame
        // build form
        var f = $(this.form);
    complete: function() {
        try {
            var c = 
            var res = c['success'];
        catch(e) {
            alert('Error.  File(s) not Uploaded');
      // evaluate res here.

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