> I checked the response header and it's "
> Content-Type:
> text/html; charset=UTF-8". 
> Unfortunately I couldn't check the response because it's empty.

Is response empty in network sniffer/web inspector? Or in javascript code?

> Printing the return-part in my controller I got the correct base64-encoded 
> string.

You should check if it is actually written to HTTP response (maybe response 
is already flushed).

> I checked prototype api docs and it says, the response is going to be 
> eval'd
> before it shows up in browser.
> So what to do? Simply change the response content type? Is there any 
> base64-Type?

How are you processing response? Please show your code (here or in 
jsfiddle.net) or give a link to test site. Ajax.Response#responseText 
should be filled from XMLHttpRequest#responseText no matter which 
Content-Type is in response.

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