2012. szeptember 24., hétfő 17:34:05 UTC+2 időpontban Victor a következőt 

About eachSlice. If you think you can fix documentation - please make pull 
request on github. Do you have more errors/mistakes?

Hi, Viktor!
It's very sad that the Prototype project is managed so badly, the whole 
community is just let to go loose and what is even much worse, as the 
example shows, even critical mistakes in the code base are left untouched 
for ages.. How should or could I have known about this mistake, for 
example? I believe these have also contributed that Prototype has lost so 
much ground to competing libraries! 
Well, enough of all these. Instead, some words about the documentation. 
This is far the weakest part of the whole project, the comments are laconic 
and it is only geared towards the needs of the careless and the ignorant in 
mostly trying to give some quick recipe and in never highlighting the 
underlying logic. For those who study the code base in-depth the 
documentation is very  little help to find out about the inner working or 
the relationships between the parts. This is a shame in itself as there are 
so many brilliant solutions and terse coding techniques to learn and to 
If you are familiar with CodeIgnite, for example, you know the code is 
fully annotated, although the authors of that library are also top core 
programmers, but with the difference of understanding various needs and 
promoting their project properly ..
Well, I think we could start a community effort to bring Prototype inline 
with other well documented libraries. What do you think?

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