I've a problem with Event.observe on the following site:

Sorry, the website is in German only. The problem occurs when I'm clicking 
the button "Jetzt anmelden / vormerken" on the left side of the page. In
on line 13 I'm defining an event handler as follows:

The code before and after line 13 is working normally. But the method 
called "open" never gets triggered in IE8. It works, if I use IE9 and 
switching to IE8 by pressing F12. Using the IE8 directly, no error is 
thrown and nothing happens by clicking on the button.

I've already tried other websites with IE8 with the same prototype version 
(1.7) where I also use the same notation for assigning an event handler: 
and it works! So something in www.seminardmc.at happens so Event.observe 
doesn't trigger and I absolutely don't know what to do! I've been testing 
for hours, even tried the newest prototype version. I've been using 
prototype.js since 2008 (I think), but this kind of behaviour never 
occurred. Please help!

Thanks in advance,

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