On Sunday, 28 October 2012 22:06:35 UTC, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
> I use elm to stand for element, and evt to stand for event. It's just a 
> habit I have, to keep clear in my head what I am dealing with when I use an 
> observer or an iterator.

I see - that seems like a very good habit for me to copy!

I prefer unobtrusive observers for several reasons. 
> First, they remove the masses of repeating inline code from the HTML,

> Second, if your observer is all in one place, you can make sweeping 
> changes without having to go back and rewrite every invocation of the 
> method.

Again, that makes a lot of sense, expecially now I've read over everything 
again this morning.

Thanks again for your help, Walter - I spent most of Friday on this, and 
wouldn't have worked it out on my own.

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