The code of the page is a bit confusing cause i made it by myself, but 
anyway, i have to make the mouseover and the mouseout event work together 
so i should probably had an event listener.
Without it i tried to make it work but without success. 
The code is below:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" 
<html xmlns=""; xml:lang="en" lang="en">
<style type="text/css">
@import url(styles.css);
  <script type="text/javascript" 
  <script type="text/javascript">
      function showResult1()

   $('thing_1').replace('<div id="thing_1" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');
      function showResult2()

   $('thing_2').replace('<div id="thing_2" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');
      function showResult3()

   $('thing_3').replace('<div id="thing_3" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');
      function showResult4()

   $('thing_4').replace('<div id="thing_4" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');
      function showResult5()

   $('thing_5').replace('<div id="thing_5" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');
      function showResult6()

   $('thing_6').replace('<div id="thing_6" class="gallerylink"><p><a 
href="";>See Photo</a></p></div>');

        function hideResult1()
    $('thing_1').replace('<img id="thing_1" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/gallery1.jpg.jpg" onmouseover="showResult1();" 
style="position:relative; top:0px; left: 0px;"/>');
        function hideResult2()
    $('thing_2').replace('<img id="thing_2" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188832812_573db43c7d.jpg" onmouseover="showResult2();"/>');
        function hideResult3()
    $('thing_3').replace('<img id="thing_3" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188858500_3437070b8f.jpg" onmouseover="showResult3();"/>');
        function hideResult4()
    $('thing_4').replace('<img id="thing_4" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188063503_e2b752444f.jpg" onmouseover="showResult4();"/>');
        function hideResult5()
    $('thing_5').replace('<img id="thing_5" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188039487_5fa50f0d02.jpg" onmouseover="showResult5();"/>');
        function hideResult6()
    $('thing_6').replace('<img id="thing_6" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188061317_d7a4bb7c27.jpg" onmouseover="showResult6();"/>');
<title>Python Speculative Interface</title>

<div class="main"><div id="header">
<?php tabs_start(); ?><div class="main">
        <img class="logo" src="images/psi.png" /></div>
<?php tab( "Concept"); ?>
            <div class="containere">
                <div class="boxtab">
action=""; method="get">

                    <h>Python from a theoretical point of view</h>
                    <p>This interface aims to show and explain some 
communicative and theoretical aspects 
                    inscribed in the mechanisms behind a programming 
language. The programming language named 
                    Python is useful to achieve this goal as it provides an 
interpreter but it can even run 
                    source code as object code.</p>
                    <p>If you search for a command of the python 
programming language in the form below you 
                    will get the description of the logical and 
communicative process executed by it in the 
                    machine. The explanation can be of a logical, 
mathematical or semiological nature.</p>
                    <p> This is an attempt to enhance python programming 
language as a signifying language, 
                    which can execute not only algebrical processes but 
even what could be defined as meaning.</p><br />
                        <input id="example" name="stringx" value="type 
here"/>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input id="submit" type="submit" 
<?php tab( "Wiki" ); ?>
        <img class="logo" src="images/psi.png" />
        <div class="main">
            <div class="containere">
                <div class="boxtab">
                    <h>Discussing about code and poetry</h>
                    <p>The various aspects of python programming language, 
and more in general of the object 
                    oriented programming paradigm as a poetry, are 
discussed inside this 
                    <p>Every command will be provided with a discussion 
about the most trustworthy interpretation 
                    you can give of it, and the execution it causes inside 
the machine. We will end at the level of 
                    binary alphabet if it will be necessary. The final 
definition of every command will be connected 
                    to this interface.</p>
<p>    </p>                
<?php tabs_end(); ?>
                            <img id="thing_1" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/gallery1.jpg.jpg" onmouseover="showResult1();" 
onmouseout="hideResult1();" style="position:relative; top:0px; left: 0px;"/>
                            <img id="thing_2" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188832812_573db43c7d.jpg" onmouseover="showResult2();" 
                            <img id="thing_3" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188858500_3437070b8f.jpg" onmouseover="showResult3();" 
                            <img id="thing_4" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188063503_e2b752444f.jpg" onmouseover="showResult4();" 
                            <img id="thing_5" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188039487_5fa50f0d02.jpg" onmouseover="showResult5();" 
                            <img id="thing_6" class="galleryitem" 
src="images/3188061317_d7a4bb7c27.jpg" onmouseover="showResult6();" 


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