I have an empty <div> that gets an ajax result that contains a table which
looks like this:

<table class='form' id='mail' width='100%' border='1'>
  <tr class='mailrow' onclick='viewMsg(" .$id .",\"" .$subject ."\");' >
    <td valign='middle' align='center'>
      <img src='/images/icons/delete.png' width='16' height='16'
onclick='deleteMsg(this, $id);'>
      <img src='/images/icons/reply.png' width='16' height='16'
onclick='replyMsg(this, $id, \"{$subject}\" );'>
      <img src='/images/icons/forward.png' width='16' height='16'
onclick='forwardMsg(this, $id, \"{$subject}\" );'>

In the onComplete: I am calling this code to try and cause the rows to
highlight during the mouseover... I'm getting nothing.  My first thought is
that the table hasn't been rendered when onComplete is called but then,
onComplete should be called after all other work is done.  What's the
solution to this?

$$('tr.mailrow').each(function(item) {
    item.observe('mouseover', function() {
        item.setStyle({ backgroundColor: '#303030' });
    item.observe('mouseout', function() {
        item.setStyle({backgroundColor: '#fff' });

.mailrow tr:hover { color: #303030; }

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