Thanks for your replies. I will look into them, though I have tried to get 
multiple to work - without success. I was wondering if you had read my post 
on stackoverflow? Maybe you could see if there was a different solution to 
my little issue, it's driving me mad!

Den onsdag den 23. januar 2013 13.48.43 UTC+1 skrev Köd:
> Hi guys
> *
> To get a full view of my problem, please read: 
> *_____________________________________________
> *I have a simple question to ask you:*
> Is it possible to use effect.opacity as a toggle effect?
> The reason why I'm asking this is because when using effect.opacity the 
> assigned function can be spammed, hence making the div appear/fade over and 
> over. I was thinking that it might would be possible to do so by changing 
> something in the scriptaculous.js or effects.js file.
> If this is not possible, I would like to ask how you can use Effect.Toggle 
> (appear) on multiple div's within an <a href> containing an onclick. An 
> example:
> <li><a href="#" onclick="Effect.toggle('DIV1, DIV2, DIV3', 'appear'); return 
> false;"></a>
> Thanks.

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