First of all, thank you for the response Walter!

I tested a bit around with the W3C validator and i have noticed that my 
plugin page throws almost the same warnings / errors as any other (default) 
plugin page (or rather the entity selection site). So i have included 
prototye into one of the default plugins, and that resulted in the same 
error message when clicking on the object history button.

So i'm now pretty sure that anything of the core architecture of Novell 
iManager collidates with any functionality of the prototype framework, and 
the behaviour seems to not depending on the individual functionalities of 
my plugin.

Regarding the source code - i'm not sure if i was able to get the relevant 
contents of the page as the error only appear when clicking on a button 
(which opens a popup window, and the error only appear when this windows 
contains an object with trailing dot, and only when prototype is 
included...). IE don't allow me to extract the source code of a popup 

I will now try to customize the prototye script as it seems to contain much 
more functionalitys as i need for my plugin..

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