Hello to all,

This is my code and the call does complete and the back end perl script 
updates the database but I continue to get a onFailure - not sure how to 
troubleshoot this.  I have changed method to post and it works for a bit 
then begins to fail again.  At present it is failing with 500 every time 
but the actual code being called is working perfectly.

Thanks any and everyone who can give me a bit of guidance 

function get_update_odometer(vehicle_key,odometer_value){
    var url = 
    new Ajax.Request(url, {
        method: 'get',
        parameters: {
           key: vehicle_key,
           ovalue: odometer_value
        onSuccess: successFunc,
        onFailure:  failureFunc
    var return_v  =  $('rcontainer').innerHTML;
    document.getElementById('odometer').value = return_v;
    return true;

function successFunc(response){
    if (200 == response.status){
      var container = $('rcontainer');
      var content = response.responseText;

function failureFunc(response){
    alert("Call has failed " + response.status );

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