I think you could make the whole thing pretty simply. Rather than creating a 
separate handler (with each()) for each .help element, you could wrap the 
entire thing in one "on" handler, which you would not need to customize per 
page or worry about dom:loaded or anything:

document.on('click', '.help', function(evt, elm){
  var tip = elm.down('div');
  new Ajax.Updater(tip, 'path/to/help', {
    parameters: {id: elm.id},
    onCreate: function(){
    onSuccess: function(){

document.on('click', '.tooltip', function(evt, elm){

That's expecting a structure like this:

<div class="help" id="widget_1"><div></div></div>

You could use some other construction if you like, but that would do the trick. 
The rest will be creating the CSS for the tooltip, and the Web service to fill 
it in.

If you didn't want to get the Ajax thing going, you could also just put the 
tooltip in the help element itself, maybe in a data-attribute. That depends on 
how much content there would be. It would be completely instantaneous.


On May 30, 2013, at 2:24 PM, Phil Petree wrote:

> I'll play around with it on Sunday and see what I can cobble together... of 
> course it looks like you did most of the work in 5 minutes and I'll spend 
> most of the day playing around with it! LOL

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