On Jun 9, 2013, at 12:43 PM, Phil Petree wrote:

> show()/hide()
> Set the style inline with style="display:none" and show/hide works but set 
> the style in css and all of a sudden it doesn't work.
> http://jsfiddle.net/ppetree/pA5eN/

This is long-standing well-documented behavior. One way to make it less icky 
from an HTML standpoint is to use a class-based visibility flag:

        .hide { display:none }

        <div id="foo" class="hide">Hidden</div>

        $('foo').removeClassName('hide'); // = $('foo').show();

The other way to handle this is to hide the elements you want to hide in a 
callback invoked at page load, but this can lead to a Flash of Unhidden Content 
on largish pages.

        $$('#foo, #bar, #baz, .initially-hidden').invoke('hide');

The other thing to think about here is whether hiding these things at page load 
is good or bad for your unscripted visitors (both of them).


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