I am new to Prototype, I have a webpage and an iframe in it. I am loading 
Prototype in my iframe and am trying to use Selector API to get DOM 
references for elements of my parent window.
Selector.findChildElements(document,['div']) is returning references to DIV 
elements of iframe's document. 
is not returning any references to DIV elements of parent's document. 
Instead, giving an error "TypeError: Cannot call method 'identify' of null". 
When I deep dive into code, I find 'Element' is actually adding 'identify' 
method (which is in my iframe context, which is addigning a dummy 'id' 
attribute). First of all my understanding of Prototype and its Selector API 
is poor, please suggest a way I can use Selector API to fetch references to 
DOM elements of my parent document.

Thanks in Advance.

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