Hi All

Just a fair warning Chome 32 deprecated document.body.scrollTop/scollLeft 
-- so when implementing Draggables and Droppables in Scriptaculous the 
location of the element that is dragged will not be in the correct place as 
well as won't fire the dropped correctly.

I've added the logic/polyfill to the Element#cumulativeScrollOffset() 
method (where the problem is) and submitted the Pull request. The Pull 
request was merged in to main trunk a week ago.

If you are having problems with 
Draggables/Droppables/Element#cumulativeScrollOffset() please update to the 
latest github version. If you cannot build from the github repo - there are 
built versions in my github repo here 
-> https://github.com/jwestbrook/prototype

Walter also has a CDN setup and the latest build from my repo is hosted 
there as well


Thanks everyone!

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