A temporary solution:

$(document).on("page:load", function() {
  c("page load1");

$(document).addEventListener("page:load", function(e) {
  $(document).fire("page:load", e);

I looked a event.js, and when created a custom event, then not create an 
explicit event listener. 

Maybe need change all code for event system:

function observe(element, eventName, handler) {
    element = $(element);
    var entry = register(element, eventName, handler); 
    //responder to handler
    if (eventName == "dom:loaded") { //change in future
       observeCustomEvent(element, eventName, handler);
     else {
      observeStandardEvent(element, eventName, handler);

    return element;

Create a custom event name only for "dom:loaded" (the same need change, but 
it at first glance). For other custom events, create a normal event 

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