I have dynamically made multiple sliders with script.aculo.us. But i cant 
figure out how to refer to the individual slider id or name in the onSlide 
and onChange function. Here is my code:

for (var n=17; n>0; n--) {
                        var newSlider = document.createElement('div');
                        var sliderIdName = 'slide'+n;
                        newSlider.className = "slider";

                        var nd = document.createElement('div');
                        nd.className = "handle";

                        (function() {
                            var time_slider = $(sliderIdName);
                            new Control.Slider(time_slider.down('.handle'), 
time_slider, {
                                range: $R(0, 30),
                                sliderValue: 0,
                                increment: 12,
                                values: arr,
                                //alignY: -5,
                                onSlide: function(value) {
document.getElementById("slider_name_text_X").innerHTML = sliderIdName + 
"-" + value + "<br>";
                                onChange: function(value) { 

So im have a text element ("slider_name_text_X") next to every slider (X) 
telling the slider value. So i want all of these text elements to be 
connected to each individual slider. I hope u understand my problem and can 
help, that would be appreciated very much.

Thx anyway,
BR Kristian :)

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