Hello everybody,

I am developing a database in java/javascript and xhtml.
What the database does it it houses scientific study archives.
On the main page (screenshot included) you can see descriptions of some of 
these studies.

There is also a data scroller which organizes the many studies into 
different pages (black box on screen shot)

This data scroller is represented in the xhtml code like so:

    <h:form styleClass="body">
*        <rich:datascroller for="studies" renderIfSinglePage="false" 
id="st1" reRender="st2"/>*
        <rich:spacer height="5"/>

However, the problem is that when I click on a page on the website, let's 
say, page 2, then nothing happens.

I opened the javascript console, and as you can see there are three errors 
(see screenshot), meaning that there is some error with the javascript.

I was wondering, if anyone could help me with this.

Is it an error with noConflict?

I do refer to a number of javascript codes.

Thanks for any help,


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