Hi everybody. I am using prototype js and scriptaculous sortable but when i 
do an oncomplete alert or anything, it does not work
Here is mycode

                function init() {
                function updateList(container) {
                        var url = 'ajax.php';
                        var params = Sortable.serialize(container.id);
                        var ajax = new Ajax.Request(url,{
                                method: 'post',
                                parameters: params,
                                onLoading: function(){$('workingMsg').show()},
                                onLoaded: function(){$('workingMsg').hide()},
                                 onComplete: function(){ alert('good'); }

                function handleResponse(req) {
                        // this function will fire after the ajax request is 
complete...but we have nothing to do here

Everything works perfectly when i launch the function except the fact that 
onComplete the alert is not sent. How to fix that ?

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