In java migration, I plan to create a more plugable architeture for protux. In this sense , there will be many "pieces" that together makes the full desktop protux.

1 - The Protux Core , where you plug stuff. Alone, it doesnt do too much
2 - The Output Core, with some variants of mixers, some full , for desktop , and some other light, for mobile devices, so you can run protux on a Java base cell phone, for example, or use a plugable MIDI Outuput engine attached on the output core, to edit and sequence MIDI.
3 - The Input Core. This way, a radical change will come : JMB will be the main Input engine, but there might be a simple context-menu input engine, since in mobile devices you dont have a keyboard to use JMB
4 - The Presentation Core , also with variants. The full, the minimum, the fun, the 3D-eye-candy, and the light, also for mobile devices and online-usage
5 - The Project Management Core - Not too clear for me yet..

This way, Protux will become sort of a framework with many possible configurations. It will be possible to run protux directly in a web site or in a cell phone or PDA. Of course, the mainstream of development will be focused on the full configuration for studios, but this architeture open news possibilities for Protux usage.
Also, Audio edition will be a consequence. Due this arquiteture, protux will be able to deal with any kind of media, including Video and MIDI.
The presentation core will show musical sheets, for example, then the Mustache project is officially dead, as long it will be one of the pluggable modules for the Output and the Input cores.


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