Hi all (all ?, hehehe)

So, this is to let you know that java migration is a fully on-going process.

My first approach is to recreate and reorganize the class tree. For so, I dont care too much about java compile erros (there are tons of them yet)
After the full tree is rebuilt, with proper packages, I expect to have a ready-to-future-architeture base tree. this way, I can start removing compile errors, and all //MIG Eclipse tag I create to mark things that are , in first approach, hard to migrate.

You can check what is going on by browsing the "org" dir in the webcvs frontend, in savannah

by now, 60% of the tree recreation is done. Some classes even work, like LCD, Jmb (partially) and Help

you can first taste Protux (in java) by Running the Protux.java class "as application' ( select Protux.java, in org.protux.core package, run, run as, java application). dont expect too much ;-)


ps - still waiting for pings from Fabio, Eduardo and Martin

Luciano Domenico Giordana
Software Engineer / Java/C++ Senior Developer
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