Hello all (all ?? :-) )

Peak engine migration is pratically done. A basic optmization was done using new Java.nio API which use native file handling and huge native optimization (including DMA and other low level stuff I really dont understand. but, whatever.. I need to worry about audio anyway, not disk access. I let this for JRE...)
Also, some architeture changes are being made. The old idea of soft buses and hard buses are starting to become a reality.
Projects will see just logic (soft) buses. If you move your project to another workstation, your mapping will be kept, and you will just need to assign hard buses to your logic buses (a auto-mapping is possible also).
I am adding some eye-candy since this is really easy and fast to do in java. You can notice in hard buses, the locator bar and even in the editor.

My next step is to develop some sort of null-audio-device support, so I can work on mixer in a windoze machine (without alsa). This will be good to have a more robust soft buses architeture.

Also, lots, lots, and LOTS of code cleaning is being done. I dont get, I tried to keep the code as clean as possible in C++ Protux.. but I am still finding a lot of dirty code and misterious code... maybe some lack of comunication between me and Remon. So if you watch the code, you will notice many old_fashing_naming and javaStileNaming mixed. Dont worry... Anyway, I am just factoring and trying to conservate the logic , except, of course, in points where the architeture is changing.


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