Hi !
The menu , buttons and other "classic" stuff will appear more and more but DONT WORRY.
My idea is to provide a plugable classic usage for new protux users so we attract them more and more. The ideia is to let the user do the basic stuff using classic interface (classic, but not-ugly...), and then when he becomes a jmb expert it just turn it off, saving space.

For now, they are permanent, but they will become plugable soon.

I am really concerned in attract more users. You have no ideia on how  much effort I plan to put on protux next year. To do so, we need more users testing it. JMB is a blocking factor, that I want to eliminate (not the JMB, just the Blocking-factor, hehehe). Also, I will not wait to finish migration to add new stuff, like soft/hard routing, video support and 24x32 bit internal process.

Regarding the error. This is happening below the java level, so there might be something wrong with the jre <---> X  integration. I am afraid I can give you no help this time, but anyway, that might be happening due the hardware acceleration. This is a good point, I will try to add some parametrization to turn it off and just use slow canvas (instead of fast canvas). gimme some time


On 12/1/05, reinhard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tuesday 29 November 2005 14:31, Luciano Domenico Giordana wrote:
> Hello all (all ?? :-) )

hehe ... two, at least ;-)

just a quick report on what is working on opensuse .... not much yet ;-)

protux is starting and looks very colored and mixed up so far and ...
uuhhh ... I really hate the menu-bar ;-) ...

... but when I try to do something I got an Xlib-error:

Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x3a7)!


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