Due the problems found on Savannah CVS access, I lost some time figuring out what was happening, but fortunately, the working is active again

I have been still doing a lot of refactoring, code cleaning and more abstraction on Protux. Still, I was able to make put some things to work again.

Track Panel leds now respond to mouse (mute/solo/arm)
ProjectManager is very simple now, it will be reimplemented slowly. But It can already save project, load other projects and create new ones.
Move clip from one track to another
split clip fixed (had bugs)
more peak optimization
play is working in null-mode.. you wont hear anything, but the internals are already prepared to re-coding...
more swing stuff, including dockable tools bars.

I am concentrating in preparing a basic stable (yet simple ) version so we can release it and test users acceptance..


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