Implementing an Open Source Infrastructure in SME - MOSC2011

Cost of IT has been in many cases made IT out of reach of most SME.
However, it is possible to leverage various enterprise class software
and put them into use in SME. This can range from something very
simple like office suite to ERP and Business Intelligence software.

In this presentation, participants will hear from experience of the
speakers in implementing various open source infrastructure into the
company. The speaker had moved from a proprietary environment into a
90% open source withint he organization. Over 90% of the desktops
within the speaker's organization has been switched to Linux and has
been so for the last 8 years.  Speaker will share various caveats,
tricks and methodology when adopt an open source strategy.

MOSC2011 Speaker : Seah Hong Yee

4th July 2011 10am. Track 1 Business & Innovative OSS Solution

Mr Seah Hong Yee has been working as a CIO for his company for the
last 10 years and has roll out various technology that are either open
source or based on open source technology.  Mr Seah has oversees the
roll out of ERP, BI, and CRM within his organization and all of it are
open source software.

Malaysia Open Source Conference 2011 (MOSC2011)


Malaysia Open Source Software Conference 2011

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Harisfazillah Jamel

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