It is with great pleasure (and just a bit of last minute fuss) that the 
Equinox Provisioning team announces the delivery of its Milestone 1.  
Milestone 1, as the name implies, is our first step towards a  new 
provisioning system for Eclipse. We have hit most of the major items on 
the  M1 plan and most importantly are well-positioned to acheive the M1 
goal of self-provision. That is, we will now use the new provisioning 
support to install and manage the Eclipse environment that we ourselves 
use to write the provisioning system.

Over the comming weeks we will undoubtedly find various issues and make 
numerous improvements.  We invite you along on that journey with the 
understanding that this is M1.  It is very early days and the road will be 
bumpy in spots.  Your ideas, insights, bug reports and contributions are 
what will make this effort a success.  Please direct comments to the 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list and bug reports to the 
Eclipse/Equinox/Incubator bugzilla bucket (use [prov] in the summary 

For more details (in progress) see:

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