First off, the Eclipse Summit Europe is coming and is looking like a great 

Last year there were a series of very cool symposia during the conference. 
 This year that set has been expanded and now occupy a full day prior to 
the main event.

Tim Webb (Maya) and I are hosting a Provisioning  Symposium with the 
intention of following on from the Ganymede Provisioning workshop held in 
the spring.  That workshop was very successful as a context-setting and 
initial direction setting effort.  Several key connections were made and 
fruit of those connections has been born.  In the intervening months both 
the Equinox provisioning effort (now called "p2") and Maya have made 
progress and much code has been written.  This symposium brings together 
committers and interested parties to report on and evaluate current 
provisioning initiatives, sketch efficient and practical solutions to real 
provisioning problems and identify opportunities for cooperation.

The symposium is structured as a relatively informal gathering where the 
focus is on discussion, not presentation.  To facilitate that discussion 
we are asking potential participants to send in a position paper 
describing their interests.  This does not have to be anything fancy or 
long.  Just outline what your use cases, interests, code, ...  See the 
symposium description for more details.

Hope to see you there.

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