I have tried out the Admin UI, but for me it was not possible to assembling different plugins to a new application. My idea was to create a new profile and integrating several IUs and than switch the current Admin UI RCP to this new profile or start the new profile (although such an action is missing).

In that way, I become aware of a missing functionality of the P2 Admin: At the moment the Admin UI support the user to build a new Eclipse profile by integrating different IU (mainly the replacement of old site.xml, feature.xml & plugin manifest.mf, etc).

But to start such a new profile, I think also some extra configuration effort is needed. E.g. my new profile has different 'product plugins' therefore someone must say in someway, which is the 'main plugin' and has to do also some extra work.

So, form a user experience perspective, I'm interested if there any design ideas for this issue exists (e.g. integrating a config.ini editor and/or wizard and/or provide a pre-configuration as an IU?).


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