This kind of functionality is a bit out of scope for the admin UI right 
now. There are lower level tools, particularly an application/ant task 
called the "generator" that can be used to assemble your own application, 
but no UI-level tools yet. The kind of functionality you're looking for 
will likely end up surfacing as part of PDE (Plug-in Development 
Environment), which is starting to incorporate tooling for p2 metadata and 


Gunnar Stevens wrote on 12/11/2007 09:45:57 AM:

> I have tried out the Admin UI, but for me it was not possible to 
> assembling different plugins to a new application. My idea was to 
> create a new profile and integrating several IUs and than switch the
> current Admin UI RCP to this new profile or start the new profile 
> (although such an action is missing). 
> In that way, I become aware of a missing functionality of the P2 
> Admin: At the moment the Admin UI support the user to build a new 
> Eclipse profile by integrating different IU (mainly the replacement 
> of old site.xml, feature.xml & plugin, etc). 
> But to start such a new profile, I think also some extra 
> configuration effort is needed. E.g. my new profile has different 
> ‘product plugins’ therefore someone must say in someway, which is 
> the ‘main plugin’ and has to do also some extra work.
> So, form a user experience perspective, I’m interested if there any 
> design ideas for this issue exists (e.g. integrating a config.ini 
> editor and/or wizard and/or provide a pre-configuration as an IU?).
> Thanks
> Gunnar Stevens 
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