Thank you to all those that went door-to-door last week with us.  A lot of people are getting interested and registered to vote.

However, there's still a ton of work to be done.  The deadline for registering is Wednesday, September 17th!

EVERY night and Saturday of this week, we'll be meeting between 6pm and 7pm to gather materials and then head out to different precincts to do voter registrations:
  • Where? 1165 S. Slate Canyon Dr. (go east on 300 S or 1860 S to reach Slate Canyon Dr)
  • When? EVERY night this week @ 6pm or later and Saturday @ 10am or later
  • What? voter registrations and campaigning
All we're asking for is 1 hour.  Please try to find 1 hour to come and help one night or Saturday during this week.  If the hundreds of us on this list each give an hour then we can make a big difference. :-)

Also, check out the elections website at http://provocitizens.net/elections/
The candidates are now filling out a survey form on the site where you'll be able to compare their positions later this week.
So far only 1 has declined (reminds me of Schwarzenegger refusing to do debates; what a fool!) and there's a few more left to contact.

Lastly, look for the voter registration booths on campus at booth BYU and UVSC later this week/next week.  Contact me if you'ld like to volunteer for an hour at one of them.
See ya,

Roger Brown
Chairman(acting), www.provocitizens.net


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