Hi everyone,

If you haven't already heard, the election results were in last night before midnight (not counting the absentee and provisional ballots):
The voter turnout was very low at only 26% but we believe that the minority
that did vote were more informed than they were previously.

A big thank you to all those who campaigned for the candidates we supported.
While only 2 of those 3 were elected I have a new hope, as of last night,
that we're going to be able work together in productive ways to heal some of the divisiveness that started a year ago.
Both Dayton and Sandstrom are reasonable and I believe they will listen more carefully to us now.  I hope that some of their supporters who accused us of being anti-family or anti-neighborhood will reconsider their hasty judgements.

We're very heartened that Steve Turley was elected.  "anti-incumbency" was not the issue; it was the issues like zoning discrimination that made a difference.  Thank you to all those who spent time in educating your friends and neighbors on the merits of the zoning case.  Whether you only told 1 person or spent dozens of hours in campaigning we want to thank you! 
You  made a difference! :-)

ProvoCitizens leadership always believed that if the facts, the full truth, could be given as much time as the propaganda and ignorant statements, then informed citizens would choose the truth.  I believe that's what we saw yesterday in a small way. 
It wasn't a matter of who was a nicer person, but a matter of what they believed and advocated about the issues.

We'll resume our monthly ProvoCitizens meetings shortly and let you know when as soon as it's scheduled.
There are many other items that we need to pick up the good fight on.  Those that have called us a "one trick pony" obviously haven't paid attention to us since last March. :-)

Thank you again,

Roger Brown
Chairman, ProvoCitizens

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