On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 11:41 AM, Frco. Javier Rial
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> 2010/6/15 Christian PERRIER <christ...@perrier.eu.org>
>> Quoting Jorge Barreiro (yortx.ba...@gmail.com):
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm a galician debian user and I've seen your announcement about
>>> languages in danger of been dropped from D-I. I'd like to see
>>> Galician D-I support in Squeeze again, so I'm stepping in.
>>> I'm a software developer, but this is the first time I try to contribute
>>> to a project as a translator.
>>> Is there a kind of "galician translators group" so I can get in touch
>>> with them? (I couldn't find any in your links).
>>> I've just read http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ Are there any
>>> other instructions I should read, or should I just send you the
>>> updated .po files?
>>> Thank you.
>> Hello Jorge,
>> Marce Villarino took over Galician translations of D-I, when Jacobo
>> Tarrio, who maintained it for years, resigned from Debian.
>> Marce did a great job, but apparently reduced his work in the recent
>> months.
>> So, what I propose to avoid gl being in danger is that you try
>> completing the "sublevel 1 and 2" while we try to get news from
>> Marce....
>> So, yes, send me updated files, at minimum for sublevels 1 and
>> 2. Temporarily, I'll commit them....and we'll examine the situation.
>> About translation group, the contact I know about is the Trasno
>> project, which is listed in "Translation-Team" in Marce's PO
>> files....CC'ing the team, in the hope that this address is working and
>> isn't a mailing list restricted to subscribers only...
> "viva viva viva", outro dos grandes fitos de susiño baleato, conseguir que
> no seu día xacobo deixara de traducir en debian.. (nótese o ton irónico da
> mensaxe)
> Que fariamos sen o gran anano fillo de ****
> Para os que non o sepan, antes diso:
> Antecedentes:
> http://listas.mancomun.org/pipermail/g11n/2008-June/000813.html
> http://listas.mancomun.org/pipermail/g11n/2008-June/000815.html
> http://listas.mancomun.org/pipermail/g11n/2008-June/000823.html

Hi Christian and Jorge. This is a mailing list and your mail arrived.

Maybe Marce has no time to translate right now. Marce, please confirm
that. When the deadline is? If Marce doesn't answer quickly, maybe
Jorge can translate the uncompleted sublevels.

Jorge, you may also want to subscribe this mailing list to keep in
touch with the galician free software translation project, aka
Proxecto Trasno.

               Leandro Regueiro
Proxecto mailing list

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