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> Sure, pls check www.trasno.net (recently updated, and short of
> experienced sysadmins, so some services like pootle are not working
> properly yet).
> > Marce did a great job, but apparently reduced his work in the recent
> > months.
> Yes, exactly six months and four days ago. Now the feeding bottle and
> diapers are my only spare time hobby ;-) . Nevertheless, some day in
> the future, when Brandan and Aroa become able of eating, moving,
> playing and some other thing for themselves, I hope I wil be back to
> work.
> I expect this to hapen in some 17 years, 5 months and 26 days from now :-D

Tst tst tst....I am the (still) living proof that children and free
software involvment are fully compatible. I installed my first Linux
system in October 1992, so 7 months after the birth of my 3rd child.

My good old friend Bdale Garbee is the father of two "kids" aged 18
and about 11 or 12 and has been one of the most involved FLOSS
supporters over the last 15 years. No incompatibility, then..:-)

Of course, from what I understand from the above, you got twins, so a
reduction of your involvment is logical..:-)

If my advice is important in some way, I'd suggest keeping some
involvment, Marce. Of course much lower, but the great work you did by
keeping up with the Galician localization (after Jacobo's tremendous
work, previously) deserves you to keep some attention to it...even if
other folks get involved.

Anyway, Jorge, if you're ready to take this over, along with the
Trasno group, I would be delighted to grant you commit access to D-I
SVN, of course!

Keep me posted...

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