Ola a todos,

reenvío este correo recibido en ubuntu-translators xa que pode ser de
interese para todos os que estamos involucrados na localización de
software. Estará Danilo Seagan, o creador de xml2po e intltool:
ferramentas que empregamos.

Fran Diéguez
Ubuntu Member and coordinator of Galician L10n Team of GNOME
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Hi translators,

I'm pleased to announce the next Ubuntu Translations videocast tomorrow
from Dallas, Texas, where this week we are holding the Canonical
Platform Rally for the next version of Ubuntu, the Natty Narwhal.

This time around I'll have the privilege to be joined by Danilo Šegan
(or his alter ego Данило Шеган), the Launchpad Translations developer
team lead.

Those of you involved in translations will know Danilo well, not only
for his work in developing the translations application in Launchpad,
but also for his community involvement. A regular at UDS and GUADEC
conferences, he's also developed and maintained some of the key tools in
the Free Software Localization ecosystem, such as xml2po and intltool.

He'll be explaining all the cool new things coming up in Launchpad
Translations, such as better upstream integration, and will also tell us
a bit more about other changes affecting the way Launchpad is being

As usual, we'll be taking and answering your questions, so come and join
us for a chat!

    * WHAT: Videocast - Launchpad Translations News [1]
    * WHEN: Thursday, Jan. 13th, 21:00 UTC [2]
    * WHERE: Ustream Ubuntu Translations channel [1]

Note that if you wish to participate in the online chat, you’ll need to
sign up for a ustream account (it doesn’t take more than a couple of
minutes), but we’ll also be answering your questions on the
#ubuntu-translators IRC channel on Freenode.

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Original announcement:

[1] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ubuntu-translations-with-david-planella

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator
www.ubuntu.com / www.davidplanella.wordpress.com
www.identi.ca/dplanella / www.twitter.com/dplanella

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