Semella que en Mandriva teremos un Transifex bastante funcional en breves.
Pena que non esté resolto o tema dos auto-commits.

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From: Jean-Philippe Braun <>
Date: 2011/5/3
Subject: [i18n] Transifex available | Teams setup

Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Transifex at :

Projects are not imported yet, but they will be soon. I've prepared a
script to import all projects. They will be created like mdkonline is.
You can use the mdkonline project for testing.

First step for you is to create translation teams. So all *team
managers* will have to request a new team for their language in the
project Mandriva i18n teams

To login on Transifex you have to use your account. Then
go to
to add your team. I guess some of you have already done that on Mageia's

Once teams are created, anyone will be able to request to be a member of
a team.

If there is any problem, let me know, I'll do my best :)

As you will see, project's ressources will use an auto-update feature
that will automatically fetch new strings from the source language file
(english POT or PO) in the svn. For mdkonline it is :

For now, no automatic commit is done in the svn. Developpers will have
to fetch the translations from Transifex before making a new release of
their project. I'll give more details on that later.

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