2011/5/3 Alejo Pacín Jul <alej...@gmail.com>

> Semella que en Mandriva teremos un Transifex bastante funcional en breves.
> Pena que non esté resolto o tema dos auto-commits.

Acabo de solicitar a creación do equipo Galician (gl). Aínda que tamén está
dispoñible o Galician (gl_ES). Como no svn de sempre empregamos a extensión
.gl, vouna manter para evitar conflictos.

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> From: Jean-Philippe Braun <jpbr...@mandriva.com>
> Date: 2011/5/3
> Subject: [i18n] Transifex available | Teams setup
> To: cooker-i...@mandrivalinux.org
> Hello all,
> I'm pleased to announce the availability of Transifex at :
> https://transifex.mandriva.com
> Projects are not imported yet, but they will be soon. I've prepared a
> script to import all projects. They will be created like mdkonline is.
> You can use the mdkonline project for testing.
> First step for you is to create translation teams. So all *team
> managers* will have to request a new team for their language in the
> project Mandriva i18n teams
> To login on Transifex you have to use your my.mandriva.com account. Then
> go to https://transifex.mandriva.com/projects/p/mandriva_i18n/teams/add/
> to add your team. I guess some of you have already done that on Mageia's
> Transifex.
> Once teams are created, anyone will be able to request to be a member of
> a team.
> If there is any problem, let me know, I'll do my best :)
> As you will see, project's ressources will use an auto-update feature
> that will automatically fetch new strings from the source language file
> (english POT or PO) in the svn. For mdkonline it is :
> http://svn.mandriva.com/svn/soft/mdkonline/trunk/po/mdkonline.pot
> For now, no automatic commit is done in the svn. Developpers will have
> to fetch the translations from Transifex before making a new release of
> their project. I'll give more details on that later.
> Jean-Philippe
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