Levamos uns días lendo a "discusión" na rolda de ubuntu translator o
seguinte fió relativo á tradución de "Dash" en Unity. pegoo aquí a fin
de que opinedes sobre a posible tradución ao galego.

On the Dutch forum we started a discussion about the translation of
the word "Dash". There have been many reactions. I am wondering what
other translation teams think of this.
In short, there are two options:
1. do not translate it
2. find a new word for "Dash" that describes best what it is. Some
suggestions are: startmenu, dashboard (which is an accepted word in
Dutch), snelstartmenu (= quick start).
Ubuntu Dutch Translators


In Slovenian language team we translate something which could be
translated something like "overview board" (since it gives you
overview over everything on the system).
I think it's a good solution in our case, since "Dash" sounds too strange.

We tend to translate most english terms (in case they cannot be used
in Slovenian), but we have some exceptions, such as applet which we
don't translate (since we haven't figured out a short Slovenian
replacement yet).



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Hi :)
Yes, "Dash" as in "Dashboard" rather than as in "hasty movement" is
very dependant on car-culture.  Outside of the USA (or even England)
it might be more appropriate to use something completely different.
Just my opinion but not every culture is so dependant on such a
polluting & expensive form of transport.
Regards from
Tom :)


Hi All,

In Brazilian Portuguese we understood that Dash is from Dashboard and
we adapted to Painel, like Panel in english.

André Gondim


Dash in English has overloaded meanings;
1. the hyphen symbol "-";
2. The instrument dash(board) of a motor vehicle;
3.  A short, quick run;
4  maybe others.

Assuming [2], can you borrow form the motor vehicle terminology  like
Bill Gates did?  (I thnk BG coined the phrase 'digital dashboard' in
one of his illuminating moments).


I think we haven't settled on anything specific yet in Finnish. When
possible, I try to omit the whole Dash from the sentence completely if
the context already tells the reader what's being talked about. Then
in the other cases I've used the "launcher" term to cover all of Dash,
because the whole Dash is mostly about launching stuff, whether using
the launcher quick start items or browsing via the Dash views.

Also, as an user of Unity it hasn't made much sense to me what's Dash
and what's launcher, since the whole Dash term isn't used anywhere in
the UI while the Launcher is (when right clicking on launcher icons).
It's almost like the whole "Dash" term was a nice codename for what
the UX team was designing, but the term is not actually that necessary
for users. It's just the "launcher", "left bar" (+ overlay that comes
"from the left bar"), "top left corner icon" etc. Eg. "Open the top
left corner icon and type into the search field" is much better for
users than "Open the Dash and type into search field" since the Dash
term doesn't tell anything about where it is actually.


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