2012/4/16, Miguel Bouzada <mbouz...@gmail.com>:
> Galician (gl) translation of khangman-data included gl.txt &
> CMakeLists.txt according
> to instructions on page
> http://edu.kde.org/khangman/add_language/add_language_kde4.php
> Translator: Miguel Anxo Bouzada <mbouz...@gmail.com>
> Galician Team: Proxecto Trasno <proxecto@trasno.net>

G'd day,

Hereby I acknowledge I have received this contribution to KDE Galician
After a short revise & review stage I'll commit it into
Please note that khangman compilation and runtime errors due to the
usage of this files is out of the scope of this  r&r.

Meilleurs salutations,
Marce Villarino
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